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7 definitions by Johnny45

A McDonalds employee.
I went to McDonalds for the first time in like three years today and the fucking McRetard that took my order screwed it up, even after I repeated it.
by Johnny45 January 24, 2004
42 8
The underwear of an extremely obese woman who, because of her size, is unable to wipe after taking a dump.
Dude, see that heffer going into the all you can eat buffet? I bet she has stank barnyard panties.
by Johnny45 January 20, 2004
6 1
A term of endearment exchanged between two middle-aged homosexual men that wear Hawaiian shirts, clam diggers and sandals.
Geofrey, everyone knows that Liza is a much better entertainer than Bette, silly pants!
by Johnny45 January 20, 2004
8 10
Crusty-cunt. Occurs after a woman doesn't bother to clean herself after taking a load from her father.
I bet Tanya has a mad crunt from when her dad gave it to her doggy style last night. Lazy bitch.
by Johnny45 January 19, 2004
11 19
n. The stinky, discolored, cottage cheese-like ooze that comes out of the unclean/diseased pussy of a whore or a homeless woman.
That homeless hooker that sleeps by the dumpster out back has a mad case of pussy slime.

I couldn't get it up because the smell of your mom's pussy slime overwhelmed me.
by Johnny45 January 19, 2004
39 49
n. A woman's moist or sweaty vagina.

adj. (swampy)the state of a woman's vagina after rigerous sex, prolonged exercise, or exposure to extreme heat or humidity.
n. Tanya's vag was a swamp when I porked her during the August heatwave.

adj. Don't eat me out tonight, I'm a little swampy from the gym.
by Johnny45 January 19, 2004
23 45
An aborted fetus.
Dude, why do those anti-abortion assholes have to carry around posters with pictures of clots on them?
by Johnny45 January 20, 2004
4 35