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A meretricious woman.
A dirty little slutbag moll.
A whore. A slut. A woman of ill-repute.
A ho.
Britney Spears is a dirty little slurry, but she has huge boobs.
by Sack Tony October 09, 2002
combination of slut/slag/skank/minger/moron

often found frequenting supre (usually not actually buying anything, and in extreme cases of slurrydom, stealing from supre)
Me: i have the odd feeling that i'm being transmited airborne STDs
Friend: Oh shit! Slurries! Runnn!
by saitz September 27, 2004
A congregation or party/group of sluts.
We were at the club, moving from one slurry to another.
by James October 13, 2003
a) slut in a a hurry to get some.

b) affectionate word for a slutty friend that you don't actually want to call a slut.
a) "that slurry left with him after 20 minutes of being here"

b) "sarah's awesome, but she's also a bit of a slurry."
by geentee July 12, 2010
Noun. 1: A whore that has lower standards of hygiene and decorum than usual. 2: Someone who irritates you or is generally annoying. 3: A mixture of shit, cum, blood, piss and vomit that is ejected from an orifice after a particularly grueling sex act.
Gary: Fuck you Jason, you fucking slurry!!
Jason: Hey man, don't call me a slurry, I am not a slurry. If you wanna know who the real whorebag slurry is look at Samantha!! She is such a slurry that she squirted like a whole litre of slurry out her arsehole the other night. What a slurry bitch.
Samantha: Its true, I am a total slurry... Who wants to fuck my arse?
by greg83 February 27, 2008
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