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3 definitions by iLoveMySC

referring to a person/object/word/place that looks like a lesbian/something a lesbian would wear/say/go to!
"Say something lesbionic."
"Home Depot!"
"Boy George, you are gay!"
-Jack with Rosie O'Donnell on Will & Grace
by iLoveMySC March 05, 2005
76 25
Swamp occurs when, due to the hot weather, parts of your body covered by clothing get all gross and sweaty.....the most common being 'swamp-back' at school, underneath your skirt and shirt from wearing your bag around!
"ew, it's so hot i'm getting swamp back!"
"I have swamp EVERYTHING!!!!"
by iLoveMySC March 05, 2005
17 36
way to describe a really hot guy, whether they're black or white. Taken from 'sexual chocolate!' said in the Eddie Murphy film 'Coming To America'. Said with a strong emphasis on the CHOColate!
"Noel is a piece of sexual chocolate!!"
"so is ben gilles...break me off a piece of that!!"
by iLoveMySC March 05, 2005
11 33