Swagg-swagg is not the clothes that you wear but the way you wear them and wearing them confidently and not hypebeasting it. some people by nice clothes but dont know how to wear them and then they come off as a hypebeast ass bitch with no swagg.Someone can have the same dunks as you but if you wear them with jeans with a crease or with YOUR style that is swagg, but just throwing shit on and hopping it looks good is no swagg.
skateboard P
KiD CuDi
LiL wayne

the niggas listed above have super swagg
by A represena May 15, 2009
Two G's create a whole different level of "swagga" to the original word "swag". This is a style obtained by baggy yet not overly baggy pants, usually jeans, and either hi-top kicks or fresh low-tops. Also, whether it is a hoodie or a zip up jacket with a hood, a hood is always to be worn. The form of how you walk is a chilled pace that shows off your kicks as well as your swag.

Known References include: Alex Coggins, Lil' Wayne, Drake, Eminem. (Most Rappers)
Swagg, Swagga, Swag, Alex Coggins, Lil' Wayne, Drake, Eminem. (Most Rappers)
by Alex Coggins February 23, 2010
pirate aids usually got like normal aids by exchanging fluids or other liquids like blood.
swag killed many pirates on the ships.
the widow got swagged while she was drunk.
swag is usually gotten through sexual relations
by this person is not real February 17, 2010
person saying it is saying that they are gay
man i am so swagg
by thesparky3d September 29, 2011
Something Gabrielle Kayla and Laila have.
If you don't have it then get like us!
Only select people have it, so get you some swagg
Swagg on a Google
Got that Shrimp Swagg
Stupid Fruity Swagg shawty
by theswaggster September 21, 2011
Well the word swagg is simply demetrius coney also known as d swagga black v pair of js and a fitted cap he currently resides in tha double Ls.
Imma fuccin boss I don gotta turn my swagg on cuz it neva cut off! Aye!
by thakidswagga January 29, 2010
Someones unique style, makes you different than the other players in a Boss way. the way you carry yourself with confidence, the gear and kicks you rock and anythin else that is gangst!
kid 1-yo that James O'conell kid
kid 2-What about em?
kid 1-THAT KID HAS Swagg!
by that swagg guy June 04, 2011

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