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People that you have no interest of being in a rerlationship with but they give you benefits..such as sexual or financial.
I went to the party and got 5 swaggs last night..
by HoodInformat August 29, 2009
16 26
is the accessories that go with yur SWAGG!!
CoinPounch, Chains, Shoes, Snapbacks, ect "swaggs"
by CiceeGuda November 15, 2011
9 21
The act of shitting then completely covering it in cum.
My friend Chez swágged on Shawna's stomach.
by Marenson November 13, 2011
7 21
A word that's been humorously overused in recent years, thus diluting its effortless meaning
Swagg: Meaning:
A naturally borne or developed sense of confidence and pride in oneself without being boastful-nor needs to be vocalized by the possessing individual, for if it must be said, then it is not possessed.
Swagg can be easily seen in the way that one walks, speaks, and carries oneself.
The best kid of swagg, though is not the one that a person sees firsthand, but the kind that is an idea that develops as you get to know that person and build a respectable relationship.
He fell effortlessly for the girl with mad-swagg because he felt that every word she said, she meant it.

At first, the class simply judged him and thought he was just and outcast, but as they began to know him, they realized just how much swagg he indeed had.
by SunshineQueen87 April 30, 2011
179 193
An idiotic term that is used by many idiotic people who think they are cool and hip and many black people say it. It is the stupidest word ever invited and if you say it or claim to have swagg jump off a fucking cliff or go kill yourself dumbshit!
Stfu you dont have swagg and theres no such thing, so jump off a cliff dumbshit!
by smartguy1234 October 02, 2011
532 550
pirate aids usually got like normal aids by exchanging fluids or other liquids like blood.
swag killed many pirates on the ships.
the widow got swagged while she was drunk.
swag is usually gotten through sexual relations
by this person is not real February 17, 2010
28 47
Swagg-swagg is not the clothes that you wear but the way you wear them and wearing them confidently and not hypebeasting it. some people by nice clothes but dont know how to wear them and then they come off as a hypebeast ass bitch with no swagg.Someone can have the same dunks as you but if you wear them with jeans with a crease or with YOUR style that is swagg, but just throwing shit on and hopping it looks good is no swagg.
skateboard P
KiD CuDi
LiL wayne

the niggas listed above have super swagg
by A represena May 15, 2009
552 571