a whale's vagina
Your face is swagg.
Joe C. likes them swagg.
#swagg #mike #hawk #swag #mookie
by Mike Hondom February 03, 2009
Swagg is lyk how you dress act talk walk etc..
a swagga jacka ilz a person dhat stole ur swagg..lyk i died ma hair red..sumbdiie else do it dey a swagga jacka..it kxcan be conceited stupid(u not stoopid but ur swagg ilz) kxcraziie official..basically itz fye
#swagger #swagg #stoopid #official #kxcraziie #conceited
by Nizzy F. Baby January 08, 2009
The shittiest type of marijuana you can smoke. Almost like dirt, and usually will not make you high.
Dealer: Aye man you wanna smoke this weed?
Customer: Fuck no, I ain't smoking no swagg, that shit is like smoking dirt!
#swag #weed #marijuana #dirt #gay
by Swagg January 12, 2007
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