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Yannick is probably Belgian. He's the best guy in the whole world - in fact surpassing all other specimens of the male population. He's sweet, caring, charming, amazing, smart, understanding, intelligent and a great listener. He may have a slightly random sense of humor, but it only adds to his charm. He has striking good looks, although he may be the last person to realize it himself. An all around beautiful person that anyone would be privileged to know and call a friend. To any woman who is fortunate to be with a Yannick, he is also the most awesome boyfriend on earth. If you are a female dating a Yannick, you're one lucky woman.
Yannick: Derp, derp, derp.
#nick #yennick #intelligent #sexy #sweet
by CinnmonFaerie February 02, 2010
Yannick is a kind caring French person. Despite his name, and the fact that he is French, Yannick is a beautiful person with a sexy ass. He is also a tid bit Czechoslovakian, which explains why his 8 pack is just as sexy as his biceps, triceps, and all the other muscles on his body. Yannick is caring to woman and would never call them a derogatory name, such as "whore" or "slut". Yannick has a 5.0 gpa and will stay a virgin until he is married.
Today I had a heart to heart with Yannick. He helped me with my problems.
by Yennick's Housekeeper April 12, 2005
black muhfuggin pimp' who acts as an undercova stripper
look at that punk-ass yannick takin my girl. yo's im pissed
by Siphiwe Beeyatch December 09, 2003
a person who sits on a bench and accumulates dust
#duster #bench-warmer #nonathletic #clutz #uncoordinated
by golfmaster23 May 16, 2011
A pain in the ass with nothing else better to do than torture certain chick friends of his...(especially those that he needs in more ways than one)...just to be cool...
He's such an ass-hole!
Yea...such a Yannick
by Sexy Drummer Chick June 17, 2004
a faggot who loves to have sex with men
i saw two yannicks kissing the other day
by jay December 09, 2004
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