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a universal word to describe ones feelings at any particular point in time. It can be used in any situation ranging from good to bad. Gangst can describe the way something tastes, the way it smells. Gangst can describe people too, the way they look, the way they act around you and other people. Gangst can even define the very person you are. Gangst can even describe the way you preform sexually. Gangst describes everything.
an gangst example of gangst is "how was the bar last night?" and you respond with " the bar was gangst, the drinks were too expensive" you see in this scenerio the one responding described the bar as being bad (gangst) because the drinks were to expensive. After discovering this word you will find that things all around you are gangst. just reading this definition of gangst qualifies you as being gangst. it just one big gangst world.
by Timothy LeaLand McQuarrie March 05, 2005
A lazy and better way of saying "Gangsta" or "Gangster".
Yo homie, where'd ya git dem kicks? Der gangst!
by Beaner Marquez April 04, 2006
The feeling of dread and anxiety that afflicts gangstas and gangsta-wannabes over their questionable life choices. A pretty common sentiment in hardcore rap music, when you really think about it.
The birth of the "gangst" in "gangsta" has to be the Geto Boys' classic "Mind Playin' Tricks on Me." 2Pac, Biggie, Scarface (of the Geto Boys), and even Jay-Z raised these sentiments to an art form.
by Akshen September 27, 2009
Upper echelon of hierarchy of gangster badassness

1. gangst
2. gangsta
3. gangster
Brett's da most gangster badass I eva seen, he's straight up gangst!
by the gangst August 12, 2010
shortened term for gangster or gangsta
other acceptable terms: gangsteroni or gangstasauras rex
Snoop Dog is such a B.A. gangst!
That's VERY gangst!!
How's it cracking gangsteroni?
by Shorteningisawayoflife September 19, 2009
A lazy and better way of saying "Gangsta" or "Gangster".
Yo homie, where'd ya git dem kicks? Der gangst!
by Beaner Marquez February 28, 2006
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