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swagger + jacker = swacker
you hear about them Dipset kids? i heard they were beatjacking. Plus they're notorious swackers.
by evolgenius March 26, 2008
73 36
Swagger + Jacker = Swacker

A person who steals or reinnacts another persons (usually someone popular) jokes, words or other personal mannors. Essentially trying to become another person. This can sometimes occur unconsciously.
Boy tryin to jack my swagger to get dem ladies. A swagger jacker, swacker. Good thing u cant beat the original!
by miximus September 18, 2011
56 30
One who jacks someone's swag.
"Look at dat swacker, wearing my jeans like she owns the damn place"
by Chray-shawwwnn November 27, 2011
16 5
a swag jocker, someone who steals another person's swag.
my friend adwight is a swacker.
by soysauce20 October 18, 2011
19 15
Verb: To run ones penis around the top of a bottle or glass that is to be drunk out of.
swacker swacker
by morristhegreat June 22, 2010
11 43