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A person who steals someone elses flow, lines, jokes, swagger.
- Ay bro, I just spit this whole song

- Na you didn't hova, I heard biggie say you a swagger jacker
by stillmaticc4 January 20, 2006
Someone who steals someone elses, syle, flow, lyrics, ideas and passes them off as there own.
Yo Cam and Jay your both a couple of swagger jackers.
by Alfred 'Easy' Elgo June 09, 2006
Someone who steals or copies someone elses style, slang, ideas, way of dress etc.
Like say i buy something first or do something first and you see me wearing what i brought or do what i did and you like it, then you turn right around and buy what i brought or do what i did thats what a swagger jacker is ya digz.
by myspace/gperico February 16, 2007
A copycat, biter, or plagairizer. One who rips off song lyrics from another, particularly rap/hip hop lyrics. Term popularized by Harlem rapper Cameron "Cam'ron" Giles in refrence to Brooklyn rapper Sean "Jay-Z" Carter and his penchant for using lyrics by Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Slick Rick, Rakim, and others. See the song "Swagger Jacker" by Cam'ron for more info.
"No wonder you retired, there's nothing left to steal from... swaggerjacker!" (Cam'ron)
by NoFlo Alpo May 17, 2006
swag-ger jack-er

A person who doesn't know how to be themselves so they copy your style, hobbies, interests, etc. They try to sound and be just like you. They even go as far as taking your ideas and/or habits and claiming them as their own. They intently hang on to every word you say so that they can repeat the exact same thing next week. You will also find that they are very jealous of you as well. They hate the fact that they can not come up with unique views and opinions on their own like you do. Do not think it is strange when you have a nagging feeling that they are talking about you behind your back while smiling in your face. Saying hurtful and mean things about you helps to soothe the burning dissapointment of not being able to be YOU.
Karen is such a swagger jacker, as soon as she found out that my favorite color was orange, she ran out to buy everything in orange...LOSER!!!!
by BgirlSweetness September 04, 2009
a person who doesn't know how to be themselves so they copy other people's style, hobbies and etc.they might try to look and be just like you and try to take your boy/girl friends

swagge jacker is said by many rappers
Aye, that chick over there is a swagga jacka(swagger jacker).

by the_ _kid December 05, 2008
a swagger jacker is person that takes someone else's ideals and claim's them to be his/or hers.
Jesse iz a fuckin' swagger jacker

Zhmir iz swagger jackin' the shit of Jim Jones
by ijeM naitsabeS January 30, 2007
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