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Someone who will try to jack you for your paper or something of value.
Them jackers is eyin my watch.
by u_done_son April 12, 2006
In the world of drug dealing, usually a group of individuals who make their living setting up and then robbing unsuspecting hustlers. Can rob by force or wits, either way a force to be avoided. Sure signs are guns, excessive talk and lies, large groups of similarly dressed/similar looking people involved in a transaction.
Couple of jackers shot out my back window last night when I sped out of their set-up.
by somebodywhoknowssomeshit October 14, 2010
A descriptive word for jack Daniels
Look at him he's on the good ol jackers
by Charliebear147 March 07, 2015
someonee who steals your style,words,and/or looks!
an imitator who is a dumbass for not being themselves and "jacks" everyone else's style to make up there coolness!
i just bought a family guy t and the next day the top five school jackers were wearing it!
by with your mom August 05, 2007
Used to say someone is lieing. or your so suprised you just cant believe what they said.
Tom:I hooked up with to hoes last night.

Brady:U a jacker!
by Smartestpersoneverr. December 22, 2009
A female, who often goes by the name Lauren, who enjoys taking objects, mostly straightedges, from their Geometry partners. They are often seen yelling and looking for their protractor, realizing it is gone, and jacking someone else's. They have serious problems.
Lauren is such a jacker because she enjoys stealing objects of the straightedge type.
by IAmNotAJacker December 06, 2010
Jacker is a term bomb-heads use for needles.
We need to pick up clean jackers.
by kefka June 04, 2004

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