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a person who copies something exactly from another
"Quit jocking my style."
by john March 27, 2004
A person who copies the style of an other person; poser.
That stupid whore is copying my style, whatta jocker. -_-
by yourmomwent2college January 25, 2009
Jockers - People who tries to copy other people or do the things other people are trying to do. Derived from the work Jock.
Dude, what jockers.. they wanna do the same ish we are planning on doing.
by jimmyz June 24, 2005
Old-fashioned prison slang for a dominant male homosexual "top," especially in his relationship with a submissive "bottom," aka punk.

Warden describing a prison killing: "Just two jockers fighting over a punk." IN COLD BLOOD, Truman Capote, 1966.

by al-in-chgo June 02, 2010
someone who alway's want's to do what you do. a follower who tries to make your things their own.
she's a jocker ,all she wanna do is take credit for my stuff
by SCREAMchi-chi August 17, 2009
Someone who copies someone because they like your style!
What a jocker she stole my style!
by Jerjbuk February 27, 2012
A hobo man who travels the road with an underage boy.
I wonder if that boy and his Jocker are family or in a homosexual relationship?
by fuckua123 March 08, 2010
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