The scientific definition for the most immature of words: blowjob. Use of "sushi" allows common dwellers of this ordinary world to seem elegant, refined, and NICE HOT SEXY AND LAYABLE. When one uses this word as a substitute for the immature word, "blowjob", an impression of a generous person is given off. Therefore, use of the word "sushi" causes absolute perfection to RADIATE off your body, and attracts the most gorgeous men, women, bi, gay, tranny, hermaphrodite, dog, cat, llama, dugong, to your peepee, weewee, pussy, or fish.
Horny girl: "Oh my gosh! You're like, totally the hottest, manliest, guy I've ever seen! YOU'RE SO SEXY! Hey, want sushi? I wouldn't mind giving some to you!"
Sexy boy: "Oh wow, you're scuh a nice person! I would love some sushi! Thanks so much!"
by kiwipeewee May 23, 2010
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A Japanese dish made with a lump of rice and sweetened vinegar wrapped around a vegetable slice, or a fish slice. Often there is a piece of seaweed wrapped around the entire thing, but not always. Also, the vegetable or piece of fish can be on top of the rice with the seaweed wrapped around vertically.
Wow, that sushi bar uses the freshest artichokes for their sushi!
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
Contrary to popular belief, sushi DOES NOT always contain raw fish. It is rice topped with various toppings, not raw fish
sushi!!!!!!!!! w0o ye i love it
by Gazaaaaa August 18, 2004
Pretentious food that white kids want everybody else to know they are into to seem cultured and sophisticated.
Josh: Hey Jen I know this little great Sushi bar, we should go there.

Jen: Cool, let's go. Nice Gap scarf I love it.
by RC December 12, 2004
Apparently to most americans the only food that the japanese
John:Lets Go Get Some Sushi!
Jack:I'd rather Get Some Kabayaki.
John:Hey Is That The Sushi That Uses Raw Octopus!?!I'd Love That!
by Okami March 19, 2008
A japanese cuisine that most americans crowd over because they are obsessed with anything japanese. As for me, I just like it because its great and healthy.

For all you ignorant dumb fuck right winger bastards who are all "EWW! Raw fish!"NO, it is not always raw fish. some sushi has no meat in it at all. have you ever even had it? You should really just try it. instead of running away from it.
sushi rocks! Ignorant people run away from it yelling RAW FISH! I'm GOING TO THE GAP!
by titsle nitsle January 17, 2005
A Japanese plate that consists of roasted seaweed, rice, fish, and vegetables. Wasabi can be added on to it.
Man, this sushi is FUCKING SPICY!
by Victor July 15, 2003
1. A Japanese dish involving rice, fish, vegetables, and seaweed rolled into a small cylinder shape.

2. Slang for "a shaved pussy"
1. Damn this sushi is good!

2. I went down to this girl's house and I was like "Damn! I didn't know you had sushi!"
by Pwcca April 15, 2004
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