Other than a delicious asian cuisine that has taken America by storm, Sushi is also more than 1/4 cup of semen produced in one ejaculation.
Jenna - I went down into Philly and got some of the best sushi I ever had in Chinatown.
Mel - Thats GROSS!!!
Jenna - What can I say... Asians ROCK!!!
by OopsIDidItAgain2010 January 27, 2009
Asian pussy
Jerry: I had a Sushi last night.
Hank: Oh ye. How was it?
Jerry: She was screaming too hard, so I killed her and had to buried her.
Hank: oh... ok..
by Towej2rd August 31, 2008
threesome , sex with three or more people
"the sushi last night with those two girls was AMAZING"
by COOKIEKAKE July 10, 2008
another slang for the female pussy
that sushi is tight, or that sushi smells like ass..
by mickyd's May 01, 2007
1. An Asian prostitute.
2. Any attractive Asian female.
3. The female genitals.
4. A Japanese food made from seaweed, sticky rice, vinegar, often incorporating raw seafood.
1. Chief Petty Officer O'Hara told me that the girls at the Kyoto Delight Massage Parlor were the best sushi he ever had stateside.
2., 3, & 4" "Whoa! Great sushi!"
by SkipChurch June 25, 2007
a dumb joke you say to your friend when a female walks passes who looks like her vagina is wet and meaty like sushi.
(a girl walks pass, you hit your partner and say su-shi and yall bust up laughing).
by tangawanga November 04, 2007
Definition: Any shaved pussy.
Origin: Most Asian women naturally do not have much hair on their pussy's hence shaved pussy's are called sushi.
I was at Keshia's last night and damn if she didn't serve sushi. I ate that sushi all night long.
by Bif December 09, 2004

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