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An example of how you can be in a fucking awesome rock n' roll band, and fake an orgasm on stage (listen to Whole Lotta Love).
I'm not putting down Robert Plant; I think he's fucking cool and so is Led Zeppelin.
by RC May 30, 2005
One of the coolest and greatest actors alive (along with Robert De Niro.) I'd include Marlon Brando but he's passed away now. Brando was also great because without him there wouln't have been a Pacino or De Niro.

1- Starred in the Godfather part I, II and III as Michael Corleone
2- Starred in Scarface as Tony Montana
3- Several other movies that are including Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Dick Tracy, Scent of a Woman etc.

Favorite quotes:
"Never let your enemies know what you're thinking. "
Pacino to Andy Garcia in Godfather III

"If history has taugh us anything is that you can kill anyone. "
Pacino in Godfather II

reapeated Oh I dunno a 100 times maybe as Tony Montana in Scarface.
Sean Penn may have won this year's Oscar but he's no Pacino.
by RC December 13, 2004
The day after September 10 and before September 12.
Kid A: "What day is it today?"
Kid B: "Why its September 11 of course."
Kid A: "How peculiar! Time really flies you know."
Kid B: "aye"
by RC September 10, 2005
A heinous, violent crime that should be dealt with vigilante justice.
Our commnunity is dealing with that old man rapist by taking him out to a parking lot beating him senseless with baseball bats and possibly cutting his balls off!
by RC April 26, 2005
Linus Torvalds is the genius from Finland who created Linux and wrote the first Linux kernel. He is an extremely talented programmer and yet he's very modest. (The guy doesn't even make a profit from any of the distributions of Linux out there.) He is the total opposite of Microsoft's Bill Gates (who fears the growth that Linux has experienced in the past 14 years). Linus is a creative, good natured programmer who derives satisfaction from putting out an open source OS that actually works. On the other hand, Bill Gates is an unoriginal person, who likes destroying small companies, and derives satisfaction from making grossly unnecessary gobs of money from selling software that crashes often.
Power to the penguin!
by RC January 17, 2005
What you are currently sitting on.
Man! my asshole is itchy.
by RC February 26, 2005
Pretentious food that white kids want everybody else to know they are into to seem cultured and sophisticated.
Josh: Hey Jen I know this little great Sushi bar, we should go there.

Jen: Cool, let's go. Nice Gap scarf I love it.
by RC December 12, 2004

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