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According to them they are better than you,me,and anyone else who is not from New York City.
Me:Well I got to catch my flight back to seattle in 10 minutes.
New Yorker:Ohh wow you live in seattle!Do you own a farm?
Me:NO! Dumbass.
by Okami March 20, 2008
Apparently to most americans the only food that the japanese
John:Lets Go Get Some Sushi!
Jack:I'd rather Get Some Kabayaki.
John:Hey Is That The Sushi That Uses Raw Octopus!?!I'd Love That!
by Okami March 19, 2008
A place were arrogant New yorkers,Los Angeleans,and rich white kids go for an "Adventure" even though they're just gonna stay at a 5 star hotel,get a tan,and get drunk.
Rich Preppy Guy From NYC:My word! Drinking alcohol and eating a taco on the beach you cant get more exotic than this!
Rich White Suburban L.A. Girl:Like totally man,Cancun is so great!!!
I LOVE mexican culture!
Me:Couldn't you guys do all this back were your from?
Them:Uhh...well...Uhh...We have a date with the spa...by!
by Okami March 18, 2008
A radio show with extremely sappy music and an overly dramatic host with callers that have watched way to many hallmark movies. It also happens to be broadcasted only a few miles from were I live. HELP ME!!!
Delilah:Brandine from arkansas tell us what makes you HAPPY or SAD!?!
Brandine:Well I just found out who my baby's baby daddy is,Cletus you got a daughter!!I'm so glad I Got a grandbaby
before I geted any older than 30!! I thank Jesus every day for giving me these children,ITS JUST A MIRACLE!!!

Delilah:Camilla from NYC what makes you happy or sad!?!
Camilla:Well I'm sad because I met this guy but it turns out
he's from oklahoma and I dont what anything to do with people who aren't as good as us new yorkers.Its Like Romeo and Juliet!

Me:UUGGHHH Shoot me now!(smashes in stereo)

by Okami March 20, 2008
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