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sushi is rice rolled into a circle by seaweed. it contains either fish, shrimp, and vegetables. usually topped with soy sauce, wasabi, etc.
"let's get some sushi"
"eww!! but it's raw fish!"
"no it's not you motherhkhljaj!"
by jelixbby:]<33 July 29, 2007
73 50
Having unprotected, raw sex with a person of Asian nationality.
Yo I totally had sushi with that cute Asian broad, it was fucking fantastic!
by Selbstmordkind January 04, 2014
11 5
1. a reference to a woman's vagina, specifically an asian woman's vagina
Person 1: Dan has been eating so much sushi lately.

Person 2: Yeah, that's what happens at a Chinese sorority party.
by yahoowahoo October 21, 2011
29 23
Replacement for saying you want to smoke weed.
This can be used easily over the phone without ever sounding suspicious aside for the fact that if you're a stoner, the people around you will think you have a fetish for fish delicacies.
Tony- Yo bruh bruh, you down for sushi tonight?
Arvie- Yeah man! This new sushi bar that opened down the street has the danks, you'll be lookin' chinese in a minute
by open_your_chakras May 09, 2014
3 0
also referred to as sush(soosh). A reference to a women's genitalia, mainly her vagina.
ex. 1: dude, her sushi smelled like tuna.
ex. 2: yoha broha, just ate some sush.
by brandon the perv December 12, 2009
22 23
This is a VERY popular model on goSupermodel. Her previous account, (tina-fu) was popular as well. But got deleted due to bad behavior. Back onto 'sushi', she has reached number 15 on most popular. Despite most people's belief she's very honest and sweet once you get to know her. People know her as, "the hug addict" or, "the pretty one". Hopefully she can remain popular. And keep her status.
'Sushi' as in, a model on goSupermodel. Not a type of food.
by Cookiezz June 29, 2008
3 6
Delicious rice rolls with the topping inside, usually shrimp or fish.
California Rolls are a delicious type of sushi!
by Caitlyn November 22, 2003
77 82