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The scientific definition for the most immature of words: blowjob. Use of "sushi" allows common dwellers of this ordinary world to seem elegant, refined, and NICE HOT SEXY AND LAYABLE. When one uses this word as a substitute for the immature word, "blowjob", an impression of a generous person is given off. Therefore, use of the word "sushi" causes absolute perfection to RADIATE off your body, and attracts the most gorgeous men, women, bi, gay, tranny, hermaphrodite, dog, cat, llama, dugong, to your peepee, weewee, pussy, or fish.
Horny girl: "Oh my gosh! You're like, totally the hottest, manliest, guy I've ever seen! YOU'RE SO SEXY! Hey, want sushi? I wouldn't mind giving some to you!"
Sexy boy: "Oh wow, you're scuh a nice person! I would love some sushi! Thanks so much!"
by kiwipeewee May 23, 2010
Fish on vinegared rice.

That is the true definition of sushi. If theres no fish, it aint sushi. Thats that japanese definition atleast.

Sashimi is similar to sushi, but its just the raw fish. No rice or vegetables.

Makimono are the nice rolls of sushi cut up into bite size pieces.
I love sushi. Salmon and tuna all the way. If sushi was cheaper I would live on it.
by addyAddict June 02, 2009
a delicious asian meal consisting of rice, crab, fish eggs, avocado, wrapped in seaweed
Bonnie, your mom makes the best sushi in the world!
by hellotherehowareyou April 24, 2010
1.vinegared rice with other toppings

2.NOT A CALIFORNIA ROLL! A california roll is a false sushi and is a disgrace to the sushi name, it is a COPY of JAPAN from CALIFORNIA!
*at sushi bar*

Me- Hi, I'll have the Sake nigri please

my american friend- And I'll have the california roll, it's the best sushi ever

by Kris Solis May 12, 2009
a delicacy of japanese origin, eaten in the arab world used to satisfy one's sexual frustration.
X: Hey man, you been getting any at the club that night?
Y: Nah, it was pointless. We went and had sushi at 3AM.
by id87 January 31, 2009
Something people eat to look cool.
"I ate some Sushi, then I went to Starbucks. I am so enlightened and way cool. Hey, let's go watch An Inconvenient Truth! Al Gore is the BEST!"
by Lottylula May 19, 2008
When a female bites a guys penis.
Do you want to have sushi?
by sixtyniner69696969 April 24, 2010