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Bitch in Russian. Just got done watching history channel. The Suki, were the russian underworld criminals that had been jailed and were, released by Stalin, to fight in WW2. Stalin returned them to jail after the war. They were called Suki by those who didn't cooperate from the jails. The "SUKI WARS" followed in the prisons. Too Cool.
urban slang= what sup suki?
by ladidi10 January 16, 2008
63 85
Suki- (Japanese)
Meaning "Beloved"
"Hells beloved Suki Lies Here"

Yeah, keep hoping I die, Bitches.
by Suki March 21, 2005
37 13
1. A large wave.
2. A good looking woman.
3. A large crab.
4. Anything good.
1. Look out for that suki.
2. Damn, look at that suki.
3. We caught us some sukis.
4. That's suki.
by fucking nigger June 29, 2006
112 92
a black and white cat that acts like a slut.
the cat over there is such a suki.
by killer_kidsrock November 01, 2009
58 61