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A one-syllable contraction of "weeaboo", which is Internet for "wapanese".
No, I don't collect animu figurines! What kind of weeb do you think I am?
by Amalgamous April 16, 2011
Plural of weeb which is the monosyllabic contraction of weeaboo (aka wapanese).
Person A: Have you heard of this new site? It's called niconico.com

Person B: Yeah, why would you even go on there though? It's filled with weebs who pretend they know Japanese culture but don't even know enough of the language to browse the real thing.
by wktk July 05, 2011
Extremely droopy mammaries that could both be grabed in one hand, thus creating a bunch of weebs
"Charlie Dimmock has got a right bunch of weebs"
by Lee Tatlock February 05, 2004
Someone that nobody likes or everybody dislikes. A weeb is also completely clueless of the fact that nobody likes them at all.
"You know that bitch Sarah Achin?"
"Oh my god, yes. That girl is a total weeb!"
by tropicc99 March 25, 2013
A newbie, someone who is a complete idiot!
Dan, stop being such a weeb!
by matt w November 03, 2004
Crying/whining out of joy; feeling both sad and happy at the same time, and whinging about it.
"The end of that movie had me weebing all over the place."

"I couldn't help but weeb when my best friend got the job offer across the country."
by Rocketship_Parsnip April 10, 2010
The pig-like squeal that some singers use that doesn't have to be any word. Often uses whilst clawing the hand in an upwards sweeping motion.
Screamo singers weeb all the time.
by ForkTheSystem November 27, 2006