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An old Scottish word for a female demon who feeds by attatching herself to an unfortunate male and draining his life-force. Using sex and psychological torture, she forces the man to devote his entire energy towards satisfying her short-term desires. When she has her fill, she discards what is left of him by the wayside and seeks other males to exploit.

This definition also perfctly describes 99% of Western women, ESPECIALLY American women.
If you end up getting assraped in divorce court, and the legal system forces you to hand over everything you worked hard for your entire life to your ex-wife, and you end up paying alimony for children that are not even yours, you probably married a sucubus.
by sarcastic May 29, 2004
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I left my Sucubus for a real woman.
by LightedShadows March 10, 2006
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A rather frequent misspelling of the word "Succubus"
Sucubus => "Succubus"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun October 27, 2003
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For modern times, a woman who uses her "ways" to seduce and marry a man for his money or property. She alienates him from his family and friends (who would speak out against her) leaving him in the end, alone and broke.
That goddamn sucubus is trying to change father's will.
by dena May 22, 2004
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A sucubus is a demon who posseses a man to the fullest extent to were he has no control over himself. A sucubus seduces a man mentaly and physically. After gaining full control of a man she will then have sex with him(not rape him)and upon his orgasm he will die and she will gain his soul. Asucubus is a demon who will take a mans soul and will kill him, unless he is mentally strong enough to seduce her first. The conclusion of any post mortum examinations wikll be death by blood clooting which is actully a type of instantanious rigamortus which is the resullt of severe shock caused by the sucubus taking all of his energy and his soul.
by resslessdemon November 09, 2003
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A female who takes her boyfriend away from all of his good friends because she's a bitch.
Chris needs to drop that sucubus and hang out with us.
by Coby March 01, 2003
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A demon sent from hell in the form of an attractive female, thats only goal is to suck the life out males for personal gain. Once under the control of a sucubus you are unable to think for yourself, you may get married or even start a pizza place, nobody knows Note: If you play their favorite song backwards you can send them back to hell. If you know someone that is being controlled by a sucubus please call 1-800-sucubus for help fending off this terrible demon.
Man that girl is such a sucubus, we need to warn him before he does something stupid, i just hope she doesn't take control of us too.
by funnyguysmd October 26, 2006
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