A demon woman sent straight from the bowels of Hell that sucks the life out of any man unfortunate enough to be with her. She also screws over any male that she has ever been with after the relationship has ended.
Emily is the biggest succubus on the planet.
Ms. Higham is a succubus and always will be.
by hatersofsuccubi September 17, 2011
A woman who is thought to be a demon that haunts mens souls. Also known as a backstabbing bitch, cunt and whore, particularly among her former lovers. Is said to be obsessive and impossible to get rid of, making it hard for a man to be with a new woman. Is sometimes even said to rape a man in his sleep. In reality, she´s just an ordinary woman who is for some reason unforgettable.
My ex turned out to be a real succubus. No other woman seems to be able to match her awesomeness.
by 18yearstogo September 10, 2011
Most are aware of the mythological definition. A more modern definition would add that she sucks all life from her vicitm leaving him whimpering in a corner crying that she is gone as she waks out the door looking for another victim male or female.
A succubus woman moves into a place and does not pay rent. This woman uses the shower clogging the drain with nasty black hair and eats all and any alcohol around no matter who it belongs to. Also this woman would sit around taking up the living room tv all day watching maury and complain when someone else is using it. Her presence would be one in the same with stale ciggarettes. This person will always cumsume any drugs around and leave kitty litter shit filled for days and jsut leave the house so she doesnt have to change it. (this was my roomates gf)
by Warcraft Eric July 25, 2006
"A demon from hell sent to suck the life out of men." Succinctly described as such on South Park, a succubus will attach herself to your friend, and while he is blinded by her sexual prowess, will suck his soul out. His friends will feel the life draining from the room she is in and try to warn him.
To entice a man to continue to feed her hunger through sexual exploits, a succubus may adopt a seductive air. Or she might find something that appeals to him. A common trick is posing as a "squirter."
by Oh no!!!!! April 05, 2011
A mythical demon or creature similar to the Collin that sucks the life force out of healthy or innocent individuals.
"Oh man, did you see that spooky critter back there?"
"Yeah, I think it was a succubus."
by Jeffy Wallboy August 06, 2008
A Succubus is a temptress whose sole purpose is to thrive off of their victims like a parasite until they are no longer useful. Most sucessful succubi (plural) will have already selected and courted their next victim.
"That blonde fitness model Mindi is a prolific succubus, but then again- so are many women who have lived in Orange County."
by Grenholm January 24, 2012
A girl that causes your friend to drop everything and leave all his best friends because he is under her spell. Even when the victim has only known her for a short amount of time, it doesn't matter. In some cases the friend may think he has a chance with the succubus, but he doesn't because shes too hot for him. The victim may just like the attention he gets when people see him with this hot girl. He's obviously in love with her but he denies it. The succubus is a stupid cunt who walked into this friends life and ruined everything him and his friends worked for.
Four guys from completely different backgrounds all had one goal, to make it big in the music industry. For two years they worked on they're goal. They paid for traveling and shows by getting odd jobs here and there. They're blood, sweat, and tears went into this goal. From these two years these four guys became the best of friends, sure they argued sometimes, but what best friends don't. They had so many good times together and experiences and moments they will be talking about for years. They completely cut off they're personal social lifes in order to not lose focus and just keep pushing and pushing for success. Now they're goal is about to be met. The thing that has kept them up for countless nights is finally about to unfold. The fruits of they're labor are on the way, they're visible just over the horizon. But wait something happens. This fuckin' Succubus named **hoarfrost** took one of the four guys away just like that. In a matter of nanoseconds he was gone. He gave up on his dreams and all he wants to do is hang out with the fucking cunt succubus. The tripod is still strong, but we just want our friend back...the succubus stole him from us in one week of knowing her. We're still gonna reach our goal but things just won't be the same at the top of the hill without him...damn you **hoarfrost** ...damn you.
by (Clark Kent) March 24, 2011

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