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A girl who lives in a house with all guys (typically a frat house)
Wait TDX isn't a co-ed fraternity, why does Jane live there?

She's the house whore. I bet she totally puts out.
by TDX President November 06, 2006
One who becomes a "house whore" by quitting their job, isolating them selves from society and simply lives in their bedroom. Covers their windows up with newspapers and tinfoil from any interaction of the world. Eats and cleans self in bed room only, is not permitted to go else where. Food is delivered through a doggy hole, and has one damp sanitary cloth to bathe itself in. Fecal and urinary issues are dealt by disposal in cups and garbage bags.

One who is a "house whore" becomes psychotically insane and will relate to itself as third person, and an animal. They only relate to others in grunts and expressive emotion - not words. It will no longer be independent outside, but only feels safe inside their home.
One does not know how to REACT and SURVIVE in the outside world, once a "house whore.."
by FuzzySlipperPimpodidlum___ April 10, 2011
Person who buys land or property, redevelops/refurbishes it and sells it on quickly for a profit. Often to the perceived determent of the local community.
A person buys an old stable block and paddock on the outskirts of a village, knocks it all down, applies for planning permission to build a huge house. If successful builds the house and quickly sells it.

"*Insert Persons Name* is just a house whore"
they are not contributing anthing to the local area, they are just here for a quick buck, they are just a house whore.
by MarkBr May 05, 2006
a person who move's a lot. whether it's within the same town or from one town to another.
1. erynn is no longer dayna's neighbor because she moved to another house across town. what a housewhore.

2. my friends might say i'm a housewhore because i moved from a house in town to a different house outside of town when i was 7.
by randi5 October 14, 2006

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