A girlfriend who causes their chosen mate to alienate his friends and become a general douchebag and an entirely different person.
Wow, Justin is still dating Sam Meeks? That girl is such a succubus.
by Liliaceae February 09, 2009
a demon woman sent from the bowels of hell to suck the life out of men.
"is gary coming out tonight", no mate he's only gone off and married that bitch succubus
by FURNELL May 30, 2006
The succubus is a soul eating beast that presently resides on coastal British Columbia. The true image of the succubus is unknown to all but few, but it commonly takes on the image of a girl with hair as fiery as the sun, and thighs the size of tractor trailers. The succubus is known to destroy the lives and hearts of many male companions who consider themselves close to her. Through her fierce deception, she causes them to defy reason and obey only her will. It is at this point where she deals the final blow, causing the men to lose all control over themselves until they cut her off, leaving her to search for new prey. Eventually if it goes on too long the succubus can retrieve a man's soul in a form similar to the dementors in Harry Potter

Over time people have started to use the term 'succubus' to define a girl who uses a man, treats him badly, and makes it difficult for him to get rid of her.
Example One

Guy 1 - "bro, you've gotta get rid of that girl, she is such a succubus"
Guy 2 - "yeah man I know, I dont know what it is, I just can't do it"

Example Two

Guy 1 - "dude, I'm so glad you got rid of that succubus"
Guy 2 - "yeah man, me too"
by Radon Randell December 02, 2010
a female demon that sucks the life out of men. in extreme cases, she will move to women, too.

sometimes asian.
emily (*enter last name here*) is such a succubus, she makes your soul shrivel.
by po3tic x soul November 12, 2006
A girl who sleeps with men and steals their souls. They are also known for not liking 90's cartoons.
Mike: Wow, Britt is such a succubus!

Doug: Yeah, and I hear she hates rugrats!
by Marablabla July 29, 2010
A demon from hell who loves to fuck men with tractors. She jumps like a chamois. She only loves herself and her lover Jožo. When Jožo is next to her, she must use a dildo named Mišo. When she is angry she gets red. When you are quiet you can hear her horns grow. She has dark brown hair and very cute ass. She really loves sex. She does it when its raining, snowing, sun shining... She

dischargeses the intestinal gases. She doesn't shave and she loves to eat sperm. She is green down there ... She has a very hairy vagina
She fucks like Succubus with Jožo and his brother Mišo.

Succubus loved TractorSex. "If You Have Sex While Riding On A Tractor It is TractorSex," she said.
by sukub7 December 30, 2014
In folklore traced back to medieval legend, a succubus (plural succubi) is a demon who takes the form of a woman to seduce men in dreams to have sexual intercourse. In modern times, a succubus may or may not appear in dreams and is often depicted as highly attractive, while in the past succubi were depicted as frightening and demonic.
Brita is such a succubus, her room is a penis fly trap, no man is safe after they enter
by ih8troutmouth April 04, 2010

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