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An over controlling girlfriend who steals your friend from you. When a girl monopopolizes a previous relationship by going out of her way to spend all the time with said friend/boyfried making said friends angrier at the succubus and ultimately the relationship between the friends and exfriend/boyfriend going sour
Man, Rachel is such a succubus. Whenever we want to chill with Nathan, that succubus always tags along and interferes with guy time.
by Jax S December 30, 2007
A lovely girl, often mistaken for someone that drains the souls of men by having sex with them while they are asleep. But really this is a myth as she is clearly just a wonderful person.
Wow, that girl is such a succubus… I wish I was her!
by gahgahgah1234 May 10, 2011
A skanky whore who sucks the souls out of men while seducing them. Also, a girl who has sucked off an entire bus in one day.
That damn succubus sucked the soul out of my buddy.
My warlocks pet in World of Warcraft that is very sexy
Dude every time I see my succubus and hear her crack her whip I get an erection
by bonerbonerbonerboner October 08, 2011
A woman that you often see on T.V., in movies etc. who is either naked or in various stages of undress or presented as a woman who is flaming hot and everyone want's to fuck.
And who you know you can never meet or get within ten feet of before your taken down by a body guard.
And which makes things worse in this motherfucking world because your constantly tantalized by them.
She's a succubus.
by Judge dredd7 October 24, 2011
A girl who is 5'4'' with blonde hair and green eyes. Her nicknames include Sally Struthers, Sally, or Sal, this is also how she can be reffered. She attended college in dryden where she began so start sucking the life out of many of men. She is
She's bein' such a Sal (succubus) to him.

Sal! Quit suckin' the life out of Robear! Gosh she's such a succubus.
by PapaBear91 December 28, 2010
A bitch who sucks you dry for anything she can get her theiving hands on.
Man, Shawna Knapp is a fucking succubus.
Yeah, shes such a dirty little jew rat.
Agreed, Shawna Knapp is a spineless leech.
by ShawnaKnapp August 18, 2010