Someone who sucks the souls out of innocent people. Sometimes succubi use the art of Brainwashing to lure their victims
Laura sucked the soul out of Skilo; therefore she is a succubus.
by jordank August 17, 2005
A bitch who sucks you dry for anything she can get her theiving hands on.
Man, Shawna Knapp is a fucking succubus.
Yeah, shes such a dirty little jew rat.
Agreed, Shawna Knapp is a spineless leech.
by ShawnaKnapp August 18, 2010
An extremely bithcy girl
usually named Nicole
fangs, leathery wings, and teeth are ocated between her legs
still havent found the tail
Mitch: what the fuck is twisting that bitches tit?!?

Dustin: shes not a bitch mitch, she a succubus. Its all explained with that
by LintLord February 01, 2008
Evil devilwoman sent from hell to pull your best mate firstly away from you, then to try and split you and your friend apart with the sly temptressness.


Succubus's Name=Ho

Unlucky victim=J

Victims Mate=J2

Ho goes out with J. Ho messes J about. Ho takes J away from many wonderful things such as watching the footie or playing on PS3s with J2. Ho then dumps J for some bullshit reason like "you're too nice"

Ho then tries to come on to J2: Two possiblities

Good : J2 tells Succubitch to "jog on"
Bad : J2 goes out with Succubitch and the cycle continues to J3
by Zimmez Shabba November 27, 2007
1. An evil whore who marries a guy for his money, and also has a receding hairline and a gum smile.
"Dude, Megan's stepmom Ellen is a huge succubus."
by Rory McHomo August 04, 2006

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