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An apartment where crack smokers gather to... Well, smoke crack.
Lets go down to the crack house!
by craig May 07, 2004
An establishment of some kind where people make, deal and smoke crack cocaine. This could be a house, an apartment, or a shack to name a few, similar to a coke house.
“You can always find a dealer at the crack house.”

"All the crack heads go to that crack house to smoke."

"The police raided a huge crack house and confiscated over 1000 rocks!"
by IceWarm October 31, 2004
The Salvation Army building across the St. George Condos in Downtown Ottawa, Canada. Located at 171 George Street in the Byward Market. Common spots for Crackheads are outside the building along the cement wall. The Ottawa Police can also be found here often as well.
Guy 1: "Lets go to the Byward Market to have some fun"

Guy 2: "Hell no, I don't want to go by the crackhouse on George St"
by A-Crackhead July 23, 2011
a house (usually one in pretty shitty shape) where mad drugs are sold out of, and the kids who live there are mad ghetto lol
I got mad sketched out doin lines at the crackhouse!
by Nose October 25, 2003
no power, no water, buy crack by candle light and try not to breathe the air from the shitter-you can also smoke there if you wanna share your shit with the monkeys you bought it from!
I spent $300 at the crack house last night!

Man, them niggers shit me every time i go to the crack house!
by JmfD February 08, 2007
A house or apartment where crack cocaine users smoke crack, socialize, and pool resources to get deals on crack. Involves a fairly stable cast of characters with new people usually being introduced by somebody known to the house. Should be nearby to a trap house or crack spot, which are places where crack is sold for profit. Crack houses provide an easy introduction for the crack scene newcomer who may not know where the crack spots are, or who is unknown to dealers, as people at the crack house will facilitate obtaining crack as necessary.

Use of the crack house generally involves paying a house fee (crack or cash) to the person or couple whose house it is. Crack houses are preferred by people who can't smoke at home or who like to smoke in a social setting. Females in the crack house may approach men to offer sexual services in exchange for shared crack, and such arrangements are viewed as normal in most crack houses, with sex sometimes occurring in side rooms and other times in public areas of the house.
Damn Stacey got the best crack house. She don't let no dudes be beggin' and they is like six fresh chickenheads up there.
by decl July 15, 2014
any place which smells like it has been deficated and/or urinated on by multiple people, typically overwhelming
guy1: hey dude, want to go to New York?

guy2: naw dude, that place smells like a crackhouse
by tryingtofloat June 02, 2011
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