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sitting in your car bumping your jams with your homies after school in the parking lot but not driving. you just sit there and act cool with the windows rolled down. you want everyone to know how awesome your system is.
"hey guys, did you see jon and billy subwoofing in the parking lot? it was mad cool. they have a system."

by jess255 March 20, 2006
When one sits around in a parking lot after school, blasting their car stereo really loud, subwoofers and all. This generally irritates those living nearby, who often will express their 'gratitude' by either calling the cops or reducing the number of functional body parts of the perpertrator.
That bastard Harvey was subwoofing from the parking lot next to my apartment last night. I was finally able to get rid of him when I lobbed an anvil at his car from my window.
by Lunarsight13 June 28, 2006
The often inconsiderate action of playing a car stereo at full blast simply to annoy those around you. Typically the object is also to make the rearview mirrors of those around you vibrate in addition to your own trunk lid.
Yo, that punkass was subwoofing so fuckin' loud at the red light I couldn't see my own reflection in my rearview!
by Tommyt July 31, 2006
Sitting in a parking lot or on the side of the street with your people in your car blasting your stereo to show off what a great system you have
I did some major subwoofing last weekend
by DizzyLizzy January 24, 2007
Eating a submarine sandwich really fast.
I'm hungry, I need to do some subwoofing.
by Doktorfunk August 10, 2006
1. wiggas and niggas playing a stereo very loud because they have small penises

2. a sad cry for attention

kevin (aka k-dawg) was always subwoofing because his father never loved him.
by stupidpeopleshouldbeshot March 24, 2007
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