unbelievable band...

oh and to the guy who says going mainstream isnt sellin out, look at all the songs most (i made sure to say most) people put down as their favorite songs. what i got, wrong way, santeria, etc. this shows that sublime is left with the notion that they were popular for those songs and most people just hear those songs because they were on the radio. sadly, sometimes that is true and when they think of sublime, they think of what i got. i hate that. sublime was more than that and i find those songs to have less meaning than all of their other ones. i also hate it when they say sublime is their favorite band and they say one of those songs is their fav. song. and i actually enjoy having to put a cd in to listen to it so i don't pull up to a car at a red light and hear the exact same shit playing with some fag driving. So unless you like youre bands to be remembered for one song, then go mainstream like you said. no offense to the true fans of them on this site (i kno who u are by ur choice of songs)
Me rock the kinda reggae music right on time,
because your down with the band that they call Sublime, rIgHt?
by zulu February 04, 2005
Top Definition
A punk-reggae California oriented band, with an unbelievable amount of talent.
Sublime is lovely.
by Fiend March 04, 2003
1 divine happiness
2 a band that gives me jus that
Sublime just makes me dance!!!!!

they FUCKIN ROCK*******
by Donna October 28, 2003
An incredible band that sounds like no other; instantly recognizable. They combine elements of reggae, punk, and ska, among others to create some great sounding songs (Date Rape, Wrong Way, Burritos, Santaria...)
Anyone can enjoy Sublime.
by TylerDurden2001 May 03, 2003
Amazing band that managed to fuse punk, reggae, dub, and hip-hop. Possibly the best band to come out of the '90s. Brad Nowell, the band leader, was a lyrical and musical genius who tragically died of a heroin overdose shortly before the release of their seminal self-titled album in 1996.
Sublime? Yeah, they were great. Good smoking music. Loved 40 Oz. To Freedom and Robbin The Hood.
by Ben July 04, 2004
adj (archaic) lifted up or set high. inspiring awe
n The best damn band, ever.
sublime rocks. period.
by Yavo November 12, 2003
the best band ever
Dude Sublime, is the dopest band alive
by xXBlazerXx January 01, 2004
Greatest band ever. period. awesome.

Lead singer did too much smack and died.
When you deal with sublime you get funky fresh lyrics.
by herb311 September 30, 2004

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