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A stuffed animal with a dildo attached to it. Used for intercourse or novelty.
I hope that girl from www.PrincessMonkey.com doesn't have any stuffies.

Jill fucks stuffies.
by The Admiral July 25, 2003
11 18
A group of people who are afraid to let loose; uptight.
I was in a room full of stuffies.
by Misty A October 27, 2006
5 14
Describes a lot of stuff.
What should I pack? I don't know ... stuffies?
by Kit Kat August 24, 2006
5 14
A rather retarded and/or gay way to say stuff.
That quiz tested my knowledge about stuffies.
by Cronohyper June 09, 2005
7 18
Someone who stuffs their bra; someone who is flat chested and uses tissue to get boobs.
Did you see Katie she's being a stuffy today
by nat November 16, 2003
14 28