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A special state of mind, usually referring to a special "view".
When you're surprised by something wonderful or really great, you get the "wow effect".
Usually the state of the wow effect is gained when a hot chick is seen.

Used as an inside joke for some people. (Mostly by too educated people to be able to simply say "wow") -> freaks
"Hey look at that chick!"
"WOW, look at that ass." (wow effect is created)

"Those boobs got the wow effect written all over them"
by SuperWay July 16, 2006
The larger version of boom.
Boom is just a "boom" while KAboom refers to the "WOW" effect verison of boom. Something truly boom, becomes kaboom.

Can sometimes be written with multiple "o"'s such as: kabooooooom.
Meaning an even larger boom than kaboom.

Usually said with a special voice or sounds. Putting weight on the "o"s.

ps: if you actually say this, you might be considered a retard as it sounds pretty stupid saying this.

Also an onomatopoeia of a huge explosion
Guy 1: Wow, that was one large explosion!
Guy 2: WHAAAT?!?!?!

2. Guy 1: KABOOOM. have a look at that chick.
by SuperWay July 16, 2006
A version of DOTA (Defence Of The Ancients) in the strategy game Warcaft III.
It is the currently (07.2006) most popular and most updated version of Dota.

Visit: www.dota-allstars.com/
for more info
- played dota allstars lately?
- yeah, I'm teh 1337 with the SA
by SuperWay August 06, 2006
1. A place where people and squirrels and lots of other animals get killed.

2. A very fast going road. A place where cars drive faster than usual. A road which you can use to get to your destination faster by car.

3. When on drugs and high, you're on the highway.

4. Part of the whole name to an album by AC/DC. The full album name is "Highway to hell".
"I'm late for work, I'm taking the highway"

"I'm sorry to say this Jack, but your squirrel is dead"
"Why?! How?!!!"
"It was on the highway."

"That good shit (drugs) guy."
"I'm on the Hiiiway"
by SuperWay July 16, 2006
all pick, easy mode
A mode used in Dota Allstars in Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne.
Written in the beginning of a game to set the "all pick" mode for being able to pick from any hero from any tavern.
and "easy mode" for easy exp and gold

combining the modes "-ap" and "-em"
host: -apem?
player: y
by SuperWay August 06, 2006
aka. "sux" or "sucks"
just a different way of writing: sux

written by bored 1337 ppl
-man i'm bored
-yeah, this zux
by SuperWay August 06, 2006
A rather complicated and overly stupid and tiring way of saying "Wednsday".
Said by people who doesn't know how to say the days of a week, or who doesn't know which weekday it is.

An idiot trying to sounds dramatic and special.
"what are you doing on the day after tomorrow?"
"yeah, the day after tomorrow"
"Wednsday!...you're a retard"
by SuperWay July 16, 2006

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