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Let me put this in terms a teenager can understand

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was in Sarajevo and Gavrilo Princop popped a cap in his ass

Austria-Hungary got pissed off and asked Germany for help who gave them a "do whatever the fuck you want" or a blank check. Austria-Hungary finally asked Serbia to stop all anti Austria-Hungary activities and let them investigate the murder themselves. Serbia said fuck no and then Austria-Hungary declared war

because Russia was an allie of Serbia it began mobilization (preparing for war) and Germany didn't like this so they said "back the fuck up" to which Russia said no so Germany declared war on Russia and for no apparent reason whatsoever (just to be assholes I suppose) declared war on France. the declaration of war by Germany on France pissed off the English so England declared war on Germany

so basically they're all fighting when one day Germany shot a torpedo and sunk the Lusitania. the United States put their foot down and decided enough is enough and they were going to enter the war.

the Germans shit their pants and I can't remember what happened next but that's how it started
Class, today we're learning about World War 1
by applealex December 02, 2009
The gayest show in the fucking world
"Today on Ghost Hunters we'll be in... wait what was that? did you hear that? it sounded like a 'dink' is there a spooky ghost here?"
by applealex December 01, 2009
the person your teacher sends you to when they can't handle the stupid shit you do anymore, or they're on their period

a principal will give you a lecture on how to behave and a detention if it was really bad you'll be suspended
Student A: the stupid bitch sent me to the principal
Student B: what happened?
Student A: he got some sand in his vag so he gave me a detention
by applealex November 30, 2009
A laptop that Apple got everyone to fall in love with because of the simple fact that it can fit in a Manila Envelope
Person 1: Hey let's buy a MacBook Air
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: it fits in an envelope
Person 2: why the fuck does that matter? are you going to send it to someone?
by applealex October 05, 2009
The largest motherfucking cruise ship on the planet
News Reporter: Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the seas is now pulling into the harbor we're going to get the live feed up and..... holy shit that's huge
by applealex November 29, 2009
The creator of Facebook
Person 1: Who's Mark Zuckerberg?
Person 2: The creator of Facebook
Person 1: the what?
Person 2: the dude who made the site
Person 1: oh, like Tom on MySpace
Person 2: yea, and Jack Dorsey on Twitter
by applealex March 17, 2010
a term popularized by Samuel L. Jackson in snakes on a pane
Enough is Enough I've had it with these muthafuckin snakes on this muthfuckin plane.
by applealex December 02, 2009

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