a name assumed by a girl who lost her ID in a drunken stupor only to be given another ID the next morning by a bartender at the establishment where the original ID was lost. New name/ID: Katie Strunk.
Yo, Strunk needs supervision.

Gettin Strunk up in da club, we like "Oh" "Oh".


We goin out Strunk-style.

That's the Strunk I know and love!

Yo, Strunk went home with that playa wearing the shirt that read "Hi! You'll Do."
by DJ D-Nice December 08, 2005
Top Definition
Being stoned and drunk at the same time. Mixing alcohol and marijuana.
Dude, lets all get STRUNK tonight!
by RossF July 21, 2005
SToned and dRUNK, what happens when you drink alcohol and smoke marijuana in the same sitting. Often occurs at house parties.
After 6 beers and 3 joints, I was ridiculously strunk.
by Dr. Funkenstein May 18, 2005
Stoned and drunkat the same time
I couldn't drive home cause i was strunk out of my mind
by blaze it up May 19, 2005
getting drunk and stoned at the same time.
i.e., drinking alcohol and doping together.
hey dude, i got strunk last night.
by zzzan November 22, 2009
When one imbibes on alcohol enough to be drunk while being stoned on marijuana they are said to be this; being under the influence of both alcohol&weed at the same time; hybrid of stoned&drunk.
Hell yeah...my homeboy and I smoked a fatty then we went to the bar, by the end of the night I was so strunk I forgot my own name!!!
by semami4700 October 04, 2015
Adjective. Still drunk from the night before.
Did you hear George got a DUI on his way to work this morning? He must have been Strunk from last night's barbecue.
by LadyDie March 31, 2010
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