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Being stoned and drunk at the same time. Mixing alcohol and marijuana.
Dude, lets all get STRUNK tonight!
by RossF July 21, 2005
SToned and dRUNK, what happens when you drink alcohol and smoke marijuana in the same sitting. Often occurs at house parties.
After 6 beers and 3 joints, I was ridiculously strunk.
by Dr. Funkenstein May 18, 2005
Stoned and drunkat the same time
I couldn't drive home cause i was strunk out of my mind
by blaze it up May 19, 2005
getting drunk and stoned at the same time.
i.e., drinking alcohol and doping together.
hey dude, i got strunk last night.
by zzzan November 22, 2009
Still drunk the morning after drinking.
"good morning sonia, i'm totally Strunk."
by Lieutenant Ralphs January 08, 2010
Shortened version of "Still Drunk", usually said in the AM or early afternoon, shortly after waking up after a late night of drinking.
After only about 2 hours of sleep, on the way to Sunday morning breakfast, Julles declares that she is "strunk" when she actually meant to say she was "still drunk".
by Puddles Messmann April 01, 2011
Straight Crunk.
Lets get Strunk
by Scalzboogie May 22, 2010

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