An unsavory character
That kid is a fucking stroke
by You a bitch April 15, 2003
some one bullshitting you,not being compleatly honest
that guy says he got a hot car? dude! he's stroking you! he got a moped!
by rixx May 15, 2005
N: Used to describe a person who hasn't a clue. Metaphor for not even being worth the entire act of masterbation, only a small part therof.
"Buddy is asking out my x-girlfriend"
"He's such a stroke"
by Bart Smartly April 25, 2004
a person from the band The Strokes- ((refers to Jules Stroke, Fab Stroke, Albert Stroke, Nik Stroke, Nick Stroke))

"I think I just saw a Stroke" instead of "I think I just saw Albert Hammond Jr."
by deharlot March 10, 2006
An individual who comes to a casino, especially to a craps table and makes bets that have the primary purpose of confusing the dealers and slowing down the pace of the game.
"That jerkoff who wanted to buy the 5 and 9 for $24 each and then press both to a $38 buy on each and put the change on the hard 8 was a real stroke."
by T Pimp February 16, 2006
An old person.
Look at that old stroke driving that golf cart.
by RodMunch69 February 04, 2010
A stroke is someone that is coming into a store not to buy but just look. They ask a ton of questions and waste your time until you find out that they are not actually interested in giving you there business at all. This is very popular at car dealerships.
"Hey did that guy buy a car"

"No he was just a friggin stroke"
by JerFull December 31, 2009

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