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That extremely loud and obnoxious dude at the bar who refers to you as "bro" - Dickhead and Meathead are both suitable synonyms.
"Shut the fuck up you stroke."
by JManMad March 15, 2013
A word deadpanned by high school teachers to elicit laughs from students.
"...and can be magnetized by stroking it." *giggle*snort*
by Blackdog January 16, 2004
To have a slow wank.
"Dude, today's been so quick, when I go home I'm gonna stroke."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
(verb) An attempt to please a person for personal gain. Often a form a manipulation, the stroker will feign interest in order to pursue some self serving purpose.

(noun) From the term to masturbate, to stroke a hard on in such a way as to entice someone and make him eager. To get overly excited about something. i.e. The football fans were a bunch of strokes.

(noun) A stroke is someone who deceives someone into thinking that he/she has something to offer a person by bragging, giving false compliments, or giving false pretenses thereby making another person overly excited for no good reason.
Sitting in the room with all those blow hards at the time share convention was like one big stroke fest.
by MmeMagnus January 24, 2011
A long distance not favored to travel by many; A gap between two different things.
"Dude, that's going to be a stroke to get to Gail's house!"

John: "Come on, let's go to Vegas!"
Sally: "That's a stroke!!!"
by Tarvinator2006 June 26, 2010
The movement associated with throwing a ping pong ball in beriut.
Wow, that was a nice stroke!
by Dizz March 09, 2005
An unsavory character
That kid is a fucking stroke
by You a bitch April 15, 2003