a dorkish person that puts off a generally abnormal or unwanted vibe.
"... sure he's cool and all. He's just... kind of a stroke, ya know?"
by Tool4Brains April 28, 2003
At least in central-Indiana and possibly beyond, "stroke(s)" can refer to (a) jokester(s) and/or someone/people who does/do not live up to their promise or word.
Nobody else showed up for that regional frat-house meeting at Purdue except our house. Those other chapters are a bunch o' strokes.
by Brown1980 May 14, 2007
person who sits closest to the coxswain; a person who exemplifies retardedness; an ignorant individual
Dude, quit acting like a stroke.
by jeffrodesiac August 12, 2003
A female who chooses to have sexual relations with multiple guys in a short period of time
"Dude that girl is such a stupid strokes"
by OmfgImaGenius May 22, 2010
A very tall female. Term is usually used as code-word for when a tall woman enters a room and has the connotation of that of a basketball player (based solely on height)!
"As much as I love the shorties, I much rather prefer a tall, leggy stroke!"
by StrokeLover July 29, 2009
intercourse, have sex,
D: me and that girl went home and stroked
by D5 January 29, 2003
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