1. A person who takes off their clothes and dances around to make money.
2. A peeler or ripper
Look at how hot that stripper is!
by Raducha September 04, 2003
Flashy, showy. An item or person who, superficially, appears better than they actually are.
Deliberately trying to look good but lacking substance(unlike spongey)
In the case of people, usually accompanied by an arrogant or over-confident sense of self-absorbtion.
Look at the wanker in that hotted up WRX. That's stripper. Give me a spongey VW combi anyday.

I don't want to go clubbing, the girls there are all stripper. Let's find a spongey bar instead.
by caughey March 20, 2008
An individual; male or female, with the athletic prowess of a jungle cat and the tits (or balls) enough to take off their clothes and dance around butt naked in front of a crowd of people for tips. These people are adept in the art of flirting, fantasy creation and erotic dance. Not a profession for the weak willed or faint of heart, it is an art not understood by many and thus often disrespected.
That stripper at the club downtown makes more paper in one night than most of you will make in a month.

"I am a stripper, I make more money in four hours shaking my ass than you do in four days breaking your ass." - A Stripper.
by farkfarkfark May 12, 2012
Hot as chicks who pole dance and get naked and they pretend that they think your the man so they can just get some of your money.
Strippers make me happy...untill i walk out of the strip bar and realise no hot as girl would ever give me that much attention in real life.
by SuckMyKiss89 September 18, 2010
A woman with such low intelligence and self-esteem that she believes only by letting men look at her twat and tits does she have any purpose in life. One small step away from being a whore, although she may have 'dates' with men she meets at the strip club that technically qualify as prostitution. May have an 'act' with props or gimmicks that basically make her look like a skeezy dancing cum-belching gutter slut on Halloween.
I don't give a fuck if Crystal is married and has 3 kids; she'll always be a stripper at heart, which means she'll always be a cunt, a skanky whore, and an STD-riddled cum dumpster.

Sorry I'm late, Craig. I was stuck in line behind a stripper who was paying with sticky, crumpled dollar bills. She acted like she just shot up and you could see her ripped panties hanging under her skirt. What a skank.
by mr pinky June 01, 2007
Not all strippers are single moms or NEED the money. Some are college students who love showing off and are exhibitionists and like the money as well. And it's 25 bucks for a 3.5 minute dry hump! Guys sucker into this cuz they are horny! And who is laughing at the end of the day?
That stripper gave me blue balls and now I'm left with no cash!
by Empty ur wallet in2 my gstring August 17, 2009
1)A person, usually female, who makes a living by performing shows at strip clubs that involve erotic dancing, one on one time with customers, and especially removal of clothing.

2)Someone who enjoys taking there clothes off in public or in front of lots of people, and constantly does it
1)I went down to Barney's strip club last night, and this hot stripper gave me the best lap dance of my life. And she was wearing crotchless panties, score!

2)Beth always takes her clothes off and spins them around when her friends are over. She's such a slutty little stripper.
by xxdecayingashes December 26, 2004
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