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Getting the crumpler, a.k.a ring and pinkie fingers in the butthole and index finger in the vagina.
That girl got crumpled the other night by my buddy.
by Brosti October 31, 2005
9 7
To fall apart, to fail.
We lost the game last night. The whole team just crumpled
by emit June 11, 2008
2 1
A term forged by the G-Block to comprehend the state of mind occuring after sippin on a lil something and firing up a blunt or two in tha whip. Getting cumpled leads to a cross buzz never felt before. Crumpleness is not recommended for lightweights or for pussy ass ho's who can't handle the G-Block style. Bitches.
Yo doggy, I got so crumple last night I gave this Dick to Patty Knoll and Cough at the same time.
by Dizzle February 27, 2004
5 5