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when you give into somebody because of their looks or the way they act almost like your hypnotized by them theyve seduced you and that is seductive
his eyes are so seductive..
by NiShA January 23, 2005
1.sexually attractive.

2.attractive in a way that makes you want to have or do sth.
1/e.g. a seductive woman/voice.

2/e.g. The idea of retiring to the south of France is highly seductive.
by nice guy December 12, 2006
Enticing, tempting, alluring, attractive, beguiling, especially sexually; sexy.

Of a nature that tempts somebody away from their responsibility.
The femme fatale archetype is a beautiful, dangerously seductive woman who uses her charm, her wit, and her beauty to manipulate men into doing what she wants, usually to their ruin.

Tall, bull-shouldered, and sinewy, his aura oozed virility, his gaze was piercingly seductive yet gentle and protective.
by RuddyWriter July 24, 2016
When someone wants you.
Im so seductive she wants my balls.
by John February 15, 2005
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