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19 definitions by Terra Imperator

Limiting access to firearms or outright banning firearms is an extremely foolish idea. I understand that such acts are intended to prevent violent crimes, but they do not. Such acts only limits a law-abiding citizen's ability to protect himself, his family, and his property. A criminal, WHO INTENDS TO BREAK THE LAW ANYWAY, will not have any compunction about illegally obtaining firearms or obtaining illegal firearms.

Keep in mind that when the second amendment refers to "a well-regulated militia" it means "a group of citizens formed to defend its community" not "the United States military." This is confirmed by the fact that the second part of the second amendment begins "the right of the people..." not "the right of the military!"

Furthermore, Federal gun control laws are inherently unconstitutional because they violate a state's rights. Remember the Tenth Amendment? The Federal government does not!
All citizens should be allowed easy access to firearms. Furthermore, every state in the U.S.A. should pass "shoot the burglar" laws. Would you break into someone's house if you knew there was a good possibility the owner would shoot you? i wouldn't!

Of course, I will not attempt to argue with you gun control advocates who disagree with the facts. Your disregard for reason and factual information is enough of an argument against you. While you cannot help forming an opinion, that does not mean your opinion is right.
by Terra Imperator May 26, 2004
short form of "lingua latina" (vulgar Latin), the Latin of the common folk
French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian and Romanian are decended from Lingua Latina.
by Terra Imperator May 27, 2004
The "art" (wink, wink) of seductive dancing while removing clothing; performed by ecdysiasts
I love the was Lucious does her striptease!
by Terra Imperator May 13, 2004
One who performs striptease; a stripper; most strippers are female, although some are male
Ecdysiasts dance seductively while removing articles of clothing, usually during live performances. Most ecdysiasts perform striptease for tips.
by Terra Imperator May 13, 2004
Milwaukee's Best, a brand of foul-tasting, weaker-than-water beer... consumed primarily by college students
Beast tastes like piss, but it's cheap! $5 a case... can't beat that with a stick!
by Terra Imperator May 19, 2004
A common redneck phrase meaning "...with you, did you?"
You didin't happen to bring yer truck witchadidja?"
by Terra Imperator May 14, 2004
A fat, ugly white woman who lives in a trailer with her drunk-ass boyfriend and 4 to 12 children. The boyfriend didn't father any of this she beast's kids, although he beats them on a regular basis. A trailer park skank can't read and is prone to violence.
"Officer! I want you to arrest my goo-for-nuthin white trash boyfriend because his ass is drunk again! Of course I'm the one who broke the broomstick upside his head. His drunk ass is so drunk he can't get it up! How can I get lovin if his drunk ass can't get it up? He needed a beatin!" -- quote from average trailer park skank
by Terra Imperator May 14, 2004