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An extremely painful morning wood; a painful boner
Person 1: "Aw man, this morning I woke up with a moner, and i thought my dick was gonna explode!"
Person 2: "Aw shit bro...that sucks."
by RileyFish April 16, 2015
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When you wake up in the morning with a boner.
Dude, I had a huge moner this morning.
by Joey April 12, 2003
the name says it all.
defined in the bedroom as well as moaning while doing normal activitys.
one who is comfortable with there sexuality.
example one:
moner:let me get that for you!. mmmmmahhhh
person: are you okay?
moners: oh what?, yeah im fine why?
person:what was that noise?
moners: mmmhh nothing;)

example 2: ooooooooo mmmmmmmm baybee, lets mmm smuuuuusshh.
by barbieroosterlife November 22, 2011
A mild boner.
Did you see Nathan? He has a moner!
by wtfgodzilla January 07, 2011

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