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Slang for style; a playa's aura. Some get this definition confused with swagger. It can be your fashion but that's just part of the bigger picture. Let's just say, the devil didn't make you do it, it was your steelo.
"You should know my steelo/
Went from ten G's for blow to thirty G's a show/
To orgies with ho's I never seen befo'/" - Notorious B.I.G

Geek "I'm jealous of you"
Ryan "Don't hate my steelo"
Geek "I envy it"
Ryan "Geez, just cause I got steez?"
Geek "Let me carry you to school someday"
Ryan "Bathe twice"
Geek "You won't regret it"
by Ryan Jackson October 11, 2005
slang, derived from the spanish word estilo, which means style
I think she digs my steelo
by Spiritual Daddy June 02, 2003
Style, Your Skills
ya Know my stee lo, the foe without the airplay
Nas-NY State of Mind
by Jay March 04, 2004
A gun or a weapon made out of steel or any kind of metallic material; A heavy machine gun; if diverse, it is known to many as a crew of rappers founded by young visionary, Tanner Daugherty.
Hey Ricky pass me my steelo!

John died by the steelo yesterday
You bozos are gonna get a taste of my steelo if you don't quiet down
by Cousinskeet January 24, 2015
style; the fashion in which one presents themselves in an attempt to be attractive.
Yo, mah brotha, I'm peepin' her steelo!!
by Adam March 13, 2003
Style;Or mode of operation as to how a person wouod react under certain situations
"I really don't care what he says about me, cause that's not my steelo."
by Keysers Soze June 08, 2004
Stylized version of the word Style
Dude 1:Yar! that was an awesome double reverse triple dip fakie front side Dude!
Dude 2: Yeah man. I dig his Steelo's!
by Larry LaRue January 31, 2004
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