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In skateboarding, bmx, snowboarding etc you are moving backwards
fakie kickflip = backwards kickflip
by adam April 22, 2004
1) In snowboarding, skateboarding, etc, when riding opposite to the way you usually ride.
2) In skiing, and skating, riding backwards.
When riding down the mountain, the snowboarder turned around and started riding fakie.
by Aaron W. December 11, 2002
When you are having sex and are going to come but don't want the sex to stop you just keep your penis in and come. But you do not pump back and forth and thus your mind gets tricked into thinking you didn't come and you are good to go for another round. Caution:Can be painful the second or even third time. No known forth attempt has been attempted.
This bitch was so fucken hot but I was only in for about a minute and then I had to pull a fakie on her so I could keep on going.
by Steve Lopez May 02, 2007
When you take a selfie with someone you don't like but pretend you are best friends with whenever you are around them.
Alyssa is always complaining about how annoying Michelle is, but whenever they are together she takes a fakie and posts it to instagram posting about what great friends they are
by gd1107 April 10, 2016
Fakie is placed in front of a location to indicate that you will be travelling to that location but will be returning to your current location.
I'm doing a home to fakie to change my outfit, it is not suited for this precise event.
by THe MSTER August 06, 2009
When you can't seem to cum after gratuitous amounts of sex and are just tired, so, from doggy style, you pull out and spit on her back, rubbing it in well.
"I couldn't pop it, so I pulled a fakie on her."
by Psyclone March 22, 2005
When a guy is eating a girl out she takes a piss all over his face or in his mouth.
He pissed me off so I gave him a fakie.
by foxontherun December 05, 2004
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