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okay wow, yes STD means sexually transmitted disease but it in the bay, we do sometimes mean smoke thizz drink, therefore makin it STD.
joe: damn nigga, whatd you do at that party last night tho?
bob: deeeeeaaaamn, i STD'd!
by oh heyyyyyy October 21, 2007
Std = Standard, mostly for computer software.
Office 2003 STD version
by manosomba August 02, 2007
STD-Severe Testicular Distress. Usually occurs when humidity and temperature are very high.
Zack: "Damn, all this hot weather is making my balls sticky and uncomfortable."
Jesse: "Sounds like you have a case of STD."
by 420Legend June 09, 2008
sexually transmitted disease.
also check sadistic twat delay, and stupidly tardy dick.
Someday you will sue the Government for many reasons, for things like pollution, odd scarring on your body, and std's coincidentally, among many relative issues, in addition to claiming the truer resources of our much more balanced commonwealth. So if somebody has an std, that person is to be compensated by the Government, Titus 1:12 and 1:16 exampling in the bible, states reprobate for any good work, so homework is reflectively nasty until they respect the prepuce and the younger people rights, then when they care to learn geometry in order homework means they are building their homes in direct alignment with prosperity equalling work efficiency, the young people will care to learn when they have an applied science. The higher equation factors 2 timely married virgins have no std's, they remain this way and this is their absolute solution. The absolute higher solution should not be shammed by opposing halfass methods. Advancing young people and everyone's rights does not reflect paying old witch doctors while the young person loses, he can not afford his home and land rights for evolution in due time as slave mice under polluter filthy concrete tar street city mentality..
by Joven March 24, 2007
Abbreviation for "standard"
I wanted a plain old blowjob, so I accepted when the prostitute said she'd give me an "STD blowjob". I don't feel so good...
by That Guy August 20, 2003
It stands for:Super Terrific Date
Of course Bobby ive had tons of STDs!
by LGS March 16, 2007
suck that dick
i told her to s.t.d me
by h-town pimp July 16, 2003