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Saria is one of the best characters from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The forest sage.

The green haired pretty Kokori girl from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Link definatly is in love with Saria.
by Kain Arrowny December 29, 2004
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a very beutiful girl tht is very nice to people. she is the sort of girl you want to be careful of, she could lead you on and flirt but dont tell her friends by accident you like her. she wont live near by but she will work/school with you.
saria (sugar) is a lovely girl and i want her friendship back
by forres academ January 23, 2010
a nice girl, who will beat you up if you make fun of her
jim: saria, you look like monkey!

saria: im gonna WHOOP YOUR ASS!

jim: (swallow)
by candyman66 February 06, 2012
It's all about the sismance between two lovely girls who love each other so much as you can see every day.
The name is formed by the beginning of the name 'Sara' and the ending of 'Victoria', the two friends.
Their friendship started when Victoria asked Sara about some books and then on april 15th Sara tweeted:
"#Frasespararomperunincomodosilencio eh, y perry?" and Vicky answered: "... Oh, ahí estás Perry."
And that was the beggining for those girls.
Miles away from each other, they are great friends and someday they will see each other in person and the saria feels will be so hard to hold.
Lidia: "I wish I had a sismance like Sara and Vicky have"
Marina: "Do you mean Saria? They are so perfect"
Manu: "Sure they are"
Lydia: "They are so in love"
Sara: "Vicks, I love you so much"
Vicky: "I love you so much too, sis"
by tbellscky November 17, 2013

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