Su Tu Den crude oil of Vietnamese origin. An aptly named crude oil that is more toxic to desk pnl than it is in the event of an actual oil spill.

Su Tu Den has a long and established reputation for producing LORD (see separate definition) profitability for any trader who cannot resist the sirens' call.
He's done what? He's won the STD tender? That will lead to LORD activity.
by T. Machida January 15, 2011
Sketchely Transmitted Download defines a file transmitted from one computer to another through illegal downloading without proper use of protection that could result in computer viruses and/or other harmful infections
Torrent is a probable place to catch an STD, you just don't know where that file has been.
by kromer January 15, 2011
Standard - assumed. part of the natural way of things. the way things have always been.
It is std that people miss interpret what you write, to make it funnier to them.
by Majenwyn December 31, 2010
STD. something men carry in thier testicles by being wayy sick and over sexed to the point of rapist cum murderer
omg that man gave me aids GREAT I GOT AN STD AND NOT ONE I CAN CURE.. yet he has the cheek to call me a slut...i didn't have half the partners he had..he claimed he was 'allergic to condoms' and didnt like the way the 'pill made me a lil chubby'..
by MEN=STDS October 21, 2010
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