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Short for 'standard'.
The soup wasn't exactly brilliant. Just std.
by youyouelle January 04, 2009
Standard - assumed. part of the natural way of things. the way things have always been.
It is std that people miss interpret what you write, to make it funnier to them.
by Majenwyn December 31, 2010
Pronounced Saint Dee's

Used as a term for STD's
Just got the results back from my doctor. Thankfully, St. D's free.
by ericg128 August 15, 2010
short for: sexually transmitted diabetes, a case in which you get diabetes from having sex with very large girls, usually ones that are very fond of pie
Jamie: How did your date go with the pie lover?

Bill: Not good, not good at all, i got a case of STD

Josh: Which one ?

Bill: Sexually Transmitted Diabetes !
by Billisan October 10, 2008
Sexually Transmitted Disease and an embarrassing death.
He got an STD and died an embarrassing death.
by trolololololololololololololol March 26, 2012
simultaneous text discussion.
When you are texting someone, and they send another text before you respond to the previous one. This is giving someone an STD
person 1:"Hey, how many cats do you have?"
person 1:"Did you go to clubs often?"
person 1:"Oh shoot, sorry. I just gave you an s.t.d"
by strach18msu November 20, 2011
1. some transmitted disease

a. an extremely dirty mind
My mind can be considered an std.
by mysterymind135 December 11, 2010