Stanky Twat Disease
Jeff fucked Sarah even though she suffered from STD....a lot.
by leinad ttogib February 20, 2009
Something To Do


Joe: What?! Don't be starting rumor about my friend.

KiKi: No I mean she got something to do.

Joe: Oh, moded.

by stripper4money February 10, 2009
Surf Till Dark. When the waves are that good or the weather is that good or there is just nothing better to do, why not surf till dark. Sometimes what started as a SAW turns into a STD.
Me: McD, gettin a SAW in today?

McD: Yeah, probably a STD.

Both: Chad, you're still a ding-dong.
by sixfourfish January 07, 2009
noun- a girl who is a walking sexual disease with legs. if she even looks at you she will infect you because she's been EVERYWHERE and seen EVERYONE'S pants. so keep your zipper zipped!
guy: dude that's a total STD over there
other guy: yeah she was with Zac last night AND david an hour later.
guy: i think we might catch the aids virus if we don't skat.
by halfxxdoomed December 22, 2008
short for: sexually transmitted diabetes, a case in which you get diabetes from having sex with very large girls, usually ones that are very fond of pie
Jamie: How did your date go with the pie lover?

Bill: Not good, not good at all, i got a case of STD

Josh: Which one ?

Bill: Sexually Transmitted Diabetes !
by Billisan October 10, 2008
A STD is a sexually transmitted disease spread through butt sex.
Ben: Oh man, when I did her last night, I think I got a STD.
Carl: YOU HAD BUTT SEX?!?!?!?!
by ashuhhlee July 16, 2008
STD-Severe Testicular Distress. Usually occurs when humidity and temperature are very high.
Zane: "Damn dude, this hot ass weather has my balls all sweaty and uncomfortable."
Jesse: "Sounds like you got STD dude."
Zane: "What? How the hell would YOU know?"
Jesse: "Nah man, not A STD, but STD. Severe Testicular Distress."
by 420Legend June 09, 2008

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