Spontaneous Torrential Diarrhea

Whenever you are normal one second, then randomly you get the urge to have explosive diarrhea and then, when you sit down, it just explodes out of your ass like a torrential rain...
Explosive Diarrhea, and just another thing that STD stands for...
by Chance3985 February 04, 2009
simultaneous text discussion.
When you are texting someone, and they send another text before you respond to the previous one. This is giving someone an STD
person 1:"Hey, how many cats do you have?"
person 1:"Did you go to clubs often?"
person 1:"Oh shoot, sorry. I just gave you an s.t.d"
by strach18msu November 20, 2011
An abbreviation for "Save the Date"; a card that is distributed to invitees in advance of a formal invitation to announce the date of an upcoming wedding.
I got an STD from your sister the other day.

Thanks for the STD! I'll clear my social calendar.

Not another STD! My summer is going to be completely ruined!
Short for 'standard'.
The soup wasn't exactly brilliant. Just std.
by youyouelle January 04, 2009
Abbr: sexually transmitted degree: An academic achievement gained through sexual favours
Not all pretty woman get STD's.
by Broken Lizzard May 04, 2006
what i get when i listen to 80% of the music released today.
wow most bands today really know how to whore themselves. i got herpes from listening to yellowcard.
by aaron and pat April 16, 2005
Strange Twisted Disease
You have an S.T.D
by Mike Nichols February 28, 2004
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