One of Jersey Shore's new terms from Season 4. Means"Stop the Drama."
Pauly: I wish they would shut-up and STD.
by procrastinator_2010 September 21, 2011
Stuff To Do.
James: Are you coming to the party?

Adam: Fuck off!!! I've got STD.
by toecrusher July 12, 2011
Something To Do.

Someone To Do.
That guy was only an STD I'm with this other guy now.
by Blueeeeeeeeeeeeeee July 07, 2011
n. A pejorative nickname for the Sigma Delta Tau sorority, due to the fact that a reasonable number of its members have a reputation for sleeping around. Alternatively, some people also call it "EAT," because of how the Greek letters look. Is it true? Ask around campus!
Female Student: So, I'm pledging for Sigma Delta Tau for rush this week!

Friend: You're pledging for STD? Don't contract one!
by DireClown July 02, 2011
STD - Smoke Thizz Drink
A common place to find said party is usually in college, especially where there are lots of asians
Hey guys, I'm going to an STD Party, shits about to go down
by google+1 May 26, 2011
Stoned, Thizzin', Drunk
Commonly used in the bay area of California, to describe a feeling of intoxication from a mixture of cannabis, "ecstasy" aka "thizz", and alcohol.
"I'm so STD right now, fool."

"Dude that one beezy got me STD." (This sentence would most likely be misconstrued by the listening party.)
by Pothedd May 07, 2011
Small talking device
*Cell phone rings* Oh, dude I gotta answer my S.T.D.!
by Cassie... January 18, 2011
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